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Go Canoeing 2017

During September 2017 we held our annual Go canoeing event for new members which included 2 pool sessions and a day on reservoir.



 The first two weeks were spent in the swimming pool learning the basics of canoeing. The new members developed their skills at turning the boat, going sideways, going forwards and backwards. During the last pol session they also practiced their capsize drill.

   On the 30th September 2017 we all went down to Southwater lake to put the skills learnt in the pool into practice. In the morning everyone had a go at kayaking.

We then stopped for lunch and had a nice sandwich and a cup of tea from the cafe at Southwater lake. After lunch everyone open boating, both tandem and solo.

After the open boating a lot of people braved practising  their rescues skills of capsizing or falling out of a boat and swimming a shore.

We rounded the day off with tea and cakes in the cafe and everyone was awarded a British Canoeing Paddlestart award. Everyone said they had a great day and they have  all been on other club trips sense then.

Photos By Julia Barclay & article by Adrian Barclay

Sunday 17th Sept – River Medway

We had a lovely river trip on the River Medway from Yalding down to Teston Lock and back.

We weren’t really sure what the weather was going to be today because we had all seen different weather reports and it looked quite gloomy at the store this morning. The weather picked up nicely and the sun came out on us. There were Kevin, Lauren, Sam K and 2 newbies Anthony and Kirsten. Noel and another newbie Gill were planning on coming too but had to pull out at the last minute.

We paddled 3.3miles down to the Lock where we stopped for lunch. Lauren and Sam went down the chute after lunch and then we paddled back to the start, 6.6miles in total.

Article and Photos by Kevin Hardcastle Chairperson

River Cam 20/08/17

On the 20/8/17 Marion and Alan lead a trip along the River Cam on a section known as the college backs, where we got to dodge the punts and see the famous colleges of Cambridge.

Kings College

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Kings College

It was a very sunny day on the Cam after Jesus Green lock we started to bump into a large number of punts. Most of them went in a straight line but others got stuck across the river.

We stopped at Kings Mill for lunch which is the end o the navigation. After lunch Reiss went down the rollers and then we headed back past the punts towards Jesus Green lock.

When  we got to Jesus Green Lock some of the group seal launched of the lock whilst others had an ice cream and watch on in surprise.

We then headed back to the car after paddling 6 miles in total. The rough details of the trip  can be found at the following website:- 

Thanks to Marion & Alan for a great day out

Come and Try it day 5/8/17

On the 5/8/17 we had a club come and try it day at Southwater lake.

This was a great opportunity for club members to try out different boats including a sea kayak, a sit on top and of course the usual open boat and normal kayaks. Joel’s & Mark’s family joined us for the day.

The weather was changeable from being sunny one minute to heavy rain the next. So we were all happy to dive for the café for shelter where we could have tea and cakes. However the weather didn’t stop  the younger members of the group trying out their rescue and swimming skills,. even one of the older group members did some dive bombing at the end of the day.

By the end of the day everyone enjoyed themselves and they all said they want to come again.


16/7/17 Tonbridge loop

On the 16/7/17 Sam organised a trip on the Medway around the Tonbridge loop.

It was a very nice day with lots of sun and no wind. We had quite a few new members on the trip but they were going faster that the older members of the Club. We had a great group shoot at the Medway Flood barrier just west of Tonbridge where the navigation of the Medway starts as it heads towards the sea. 

We were going so fast we actually did the loop twice and then we went for tea and cakes in the cafe. We all had a great time

PCC at Purley Festival 2017

On Saturday 1st July 2017 Purley Canoe Cub had a stall at the 2017 Purley Festival.

We  had a great day down at Purley Festival. We gave out lots of leaflets and hopefully it will encourage new members to join the club. 
We borrowed the ergo paddling machine from British Canoeing which went down well.
Can I say a big Thank You to Sam, Phil, Mike, Joel, Sam & Abi for all their help on the stall today.

Kevin Hardcastle, Club Chairperson

Wye Weekend May Bank holiday 2017

On the last May bank holiday of 2017 (Friday 26/5/17 to Monday 29/5/17) we held our annual trip to the Wye valley where we paddled down the River Wye and played on Symmond’s Yat rapids. As usual we stayed at Elmsdale Caravan & Camping park near to Symmond’s Yat.

On Saturday we paddled from Symonds Yat West to Redbrook – 8.5miles

 On Sunday we paddled from Ross on Wye to kern Bridge.

We had lunch at kern Bridge and after lunch we spent a few hours practicing a variety of rescue techniques used on moving water, including throw line practice, boat rescues, rolling, and using the “Wedge” to walk from one side of the river to the other side.

On Monday morning we spent a few hours playing on Symonds Yat before we travelled home.

Sam Boyd made the following comments about the trip:-

“Just to say thanks for a great weekend! I am shattered and Abigail slept for 13 hours!

Thanks for coaching/looking after us, and for all the bits and pieces i borrowed from the staples emporium”

Photos by Adrian Barclay. Videos by Sam Boyd & Adrian Barclay

River Thames May 2017

We went to the River Thames  21 May 2017 from Walton Bridge to Kenton Court Meadow, on the way back to Walton Bridge we stopped at Whitewater Canoe. Here are some photos, we covered 7miles

We are a great day out on the Thames by starting at Walton Bridge and heading downstream towards Sunbury Lock. We had a quick look round Walton Bridge Marina on the way.   There was a good number of us in both open boats and kayaks. We had a new paddler with us too, one of my friends Gill Payne, on her first ever trip and she loved it. We headed downstream to Sunbury Lock and rolled down the boat rollers to avoid the Lock. Once on the lower level we continued along the river, paddled around Sunbury Court Island and then back up to the field to stop for lunch.

Fiona is coming down with speed 🙂

Fiona made the following comment about the trip:-

“Thanks for a great trip Kevin, lovely day and great to see where you spent your younger days. Thanks to all for the paddling tips, chit chat and thanks for the lift Lauren. ”

After lunch we paddled back up to the Lock and hauled the boats back up the boat rollers. The current and wind were against us going back so it was a bit more of a struggle. We popped into Shepperton Marina on the way back and popped into Whitewater Canoe Centre while we were there. They didnt mind us ‘dripping’ around the shop in our paddling attire, but none of us were persuaded to part with any money for new kit, although the slimline glittery Squirt Boat did turn a few heads.

Once back to Walton Bridge, Phil and Marion took Gill for her first trip in an open boat which she also enjoyed. Thanks to everyone who came along on the trip and made it a great day!      

Marion commented:-

“Yes, thank you everyone for a most enjoyable day paddling in the sunshine B-)

Phil concluded:-

“Great paddle… thanks for organising it” 🙂

Photos and Video by Phil Newson. Trip report by Kevin Hardcastle & Phil Newson with comments from Fiona Lipscombe & Marion Quemby

Basingstoke canal

On the 23/4/17 Marion and Alan took on us on a lovely trip down the Basingstoke canal from Odiham.

This was an opportunity for everyone on the two star course to try out their open boating skills, and navigations skills. We had lunch at the ruins of Odiham castle.

In the afternoon the 2 star candidates had a lot of fun practicing their leadership skills and looking after the group.

It was a nice sunny day and Julia found an ice cream shop at the end of the day which finished the day of nicely thankyou very much!!!

Photos by Phil Newson & Adrian Barclay, article by Adrian Barclay


Kingsdown to St Margaret’s Bay on the sea

To catch the best high tide timing, we met at the store at 8.00am on  Sunday 9th April 2017 .

Lets unload the car

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Lets unload the car

The Scorpio and Orca sea kayaks were loaded onto Noel’s car, and Sam, Noel and Robin set off for Dover, arriving Kingsdown just after 10.00am. It was a beautiful day. The sea was flat calm and the launch was remarkably easy, fortunately, as we had not done a sea trip for a while. Old skills were rekindled. It was tee shirts, hats and sun-cream weather, some 24 degrees C (air temperature!)

Steady progress was made against the slight breeze and a tide on the turn. White cliffs looked radiant. The damaged harbour wall reminded us how nasty the sea can be.

We made the beach at St Margaret’s Bay around 12:30 and watched the youngsters on the beach and three swimmers whilst eating our sandwiches. The Dover ferries appeared ghostly white in the distant mist. Very relaxed, we re-launched just before 1.30, at first continuing to the far-side cliffs of St Margaret’s where photographs were taken, before turning back and retracing our journey back to Kingsdown.

The White cliffs of Dover

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The White cliffs of Dover

No problems at all as we carried the kayaks back up the beach, changed from our dry suit bottoms into normal gear, packed up and returned to the store. We swapped stories. Noel had taken his 3* test on this trip many years ago. Robin was enjoying the trip for the 3rd or 4th time. It was Sam’s first trip from Kingsdown to St Margaret’s, a total of 6 miles round trip. It really is an ideal trip for initiating novices into the freedom and excitement of kayaking on the sea.

Great Trip – Thank You Noel!

Posting & Photos by Robin Worthington