PCC Annual Award Ceremony 2016

On the 27/1/16 the Club held its annual award ceremony at the January social evening.

PCC Awards Ceremony

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Gary wins the Adult Touring Trophy & Zainab wins the Coaches Awards

Annual Touring Awards

Club certificates were presented to all members who had paddled more than 25 Miles (Bronze), 50 Miles (Silver) or 75 Miles (Gold) during 2015. In addition BCU Annual Touring Awards were presented to any club members who had paddled over 100miles (Bronze) during 2015. These included Lauren Staples, Sam Kenny, Adrian & Julia Barclay, Phil Newson & Phil Milman.

The Adult Touring  Trophy was presented to Gary Staples who paddled the most miles on Club trips over the year (158.50 miles). He said he had been trying for years to get this award and finally he did it!!!. The Junior Touring Trophy was presented to Harrison Mattin who paddled 24 miles with the club during 2015.

Alan Goodman was presented with a BCU Silver Annual Touring Award for paddling 442 miles during 2015. Marion Quemby was presented with a BCU Gold Annual Touring Award for paddling 1012.50 miles during 2015 and in addition she was awarded a BCU Bronze Strand Touring award for paddling over 1,000 miles.

Coaches Award

The Coaches award was presented to Zainab Kenny for all her hard work developing her kayaking skills over the last 12 months, in particular her development of her white water skills.

Inter Club Touring Award

The Club achieved 2nd place in the Inter Club Touring Award for achieving 3897.80 miles/ points during 2015, with 50 paddlers. Hampton Canoe Club came 1st with a total of 10871 miles/points with 24 paddlers.

Well Done Everyone for their achievements!!!!

A full break down of the miles paddled by each club member is  available by clicking here as is a comparison of previous years.  A list Previous Winners is also available.

You can keep up to date with you current mileage by visiting the Adults or Juniors touring page.