Hythe to Folkestone harbour Sea trip

On the 15/5/16 Noel took us down to Hythe to paddle on the sea to Folkestone for the day. It was nice sunny day and flat calm when we arrived and we paddled a total distance of 4.4 miles.

When we left the store Sam was struggling to find a seat and he nearly ended up in the trailer.

After a bit of a drive we arrived at Hythe and set off at about 11.50am.

After about an hour of paddling along the coastline we arrived at the edge of Folkestone Harbour, where we stopped for lunch in front of the beach huts. Marion administered some medication to “D” to relive his painful arm and Alan put the kettle on. After lunch “D” went to find an ice cream and brought the shop out of ice creams. Thanks “D”!!!!

After lunch we headed back to Hythe but the wind was picking up and it was becoming overcast. It was clear the waves were getting bigger and at some points the waves were so big we could not see the other other paddlers.

However the best bit was yet to come :-  “the Surf landing” – que the stunning music and the epic ending!”!! A few people stayed relatively dry like Noel who approached the beach parallel to the beach. Adrian popped his deck and lifted his legs out of the kayak before landing so he could jump out quickly. “D” decided not to listen to Noel or Adrian and headed straight for the beach and made it.  Julia came into land and she was spectacularly dumped onto the beach and rolled back into the sea to get a full face full of sea water. To Adrian’s surprise she was not phased by the event at all and she quite enjoyed it. Marion didn’t realise she had some many admirers you couldn’t see her when she landed for all the men trying to help her out of her boat.

The main thing is we all landed on dry land safe and in one piece even if we were a bit wet, but that is what kayaking is about especially at sea. Thanks Noel for a great day out!!!!