Enjoying the Canoe Shots on the medway

On the 24/5/16 the Club paddled down the Medway in Kayaks and canoe.

We paddled from Hartlake bridge down to Yalding. We had lunch at sluice weir and we got back to Yaqldign just in time for a cup of tea and a cake at Tea Pot Island.

This was an open boat and kayaking training trip for all those people who were going to take their 2 star assessment in may.

We all enjoyed¬†going down the canoe shoots, especially the last one at Slucie Weir just after lunch. Most of us got down saftely¬†but we did have one swimmer. However a few weeks later he attended one of the Club’s training days at Southwater Lake where he passed his one star course. He then joined the club and he is now keen to come on more club trips in the near future.