Wye Weekend May 2016

On the 27/5/16 to the 30/5/16 some of us went off to the Rive Wye  for our annual camping weekend near Symonds Yat. As usual we stayed at Elmsdale Campsite where Jean had reserved our usual plot by  the stream. The majority of us were camping, Gary brought his camper van but Robin & Lynn stayed in a nice warm Bed and Breakfast overlooking Symonds yat. Lauren, James and Rebecca followed Gary as back up crew in case the camper van had any problems. Sam arrived quite late with Zainab.

Friday night’s camping was very eventful with thunder and lighting during the night. We were literally in the eye of the storm  and I was concerned the stream might rise up and flood us out, but it didn’t. After about  an hour it stopped, so we went back to sleep and woke to a bright sunny morning at about 7.00am.

Robin meet us at the campsite at about 9.30am so we all drove to Ross -on-Wye where we unloaded the kit and the drivers took their cars to Kerne Bridge. Brian brought the drivers back to start our trip from Ross on Wye to Kerne Bridge a journey of about 6miles. As usual we had a bit of rescue practice with throw lines etc. at Kerne Bridge and  Zainab insisted we had a go at the Wedge. A technique of getting across the river using a paddle and a group of paddlers in a triangular formation.

At the end of the trip we all went back to the campsite for a nice hot shower. in the evening most of us went to the Wye knot Inn for a meal where we meet up with Robin and Lynn again.

On Sunday we paddled from Symonds Yat West to Redbrook a distance of 9.00miles. We spent some time playing on Symonds  Yat and had some lunch at the bottom of the Yat.

Robin and Lynn left on Sunday evening but they stopped to have a meal with us. Brian also left on Sunday evening.

Adrian & Julia left early on Monday but the rest of the group paddled from Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat West which was about an 8 mile paddle. As usual it was a great weekend and it was sunny the whole time except for Friday night.

Article by Adrian. Photos by Robin & Adrian