Come & Try it Day at Southwater

On the 6/8/16 the Club had a come and try it day at Southwater lake where we were able to try out a variety of boats including, open boats, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, k1 racing kayaks and the “Foamy”. Here is a video which Sam Boyd has taken of the fun we had on Southwater lake on that day, which was a nice hot, sunny and dry day except when you fell in!!

Sam and her daughter Abigail reported that they had a fantastic time and to quote Abigail: ‘this is the best sport I have ever done’!!

Lots of people were speeding in the K1 kayak.

Others just enjoyed having fun either on or in the water before we stopped for lunch.

Everyone had a go at open boating in the afternoon either solo boating or tandem. The Kelly family even tried 3 in a boat!!

Marion then brought out foamy which is literally made out of foam and comes with stabilisers, but Marion  forgot them today which resulted in lots of people getting very wet!!!

We then had a go on Alan’s stand up paddle board which everyone was able to master even if it was only for a few minutes before falling off!!

At the end of the day everyone really enjoyed themselves and we all had a great deal of fun, which for many of us meant getting very  wet. Alternatively some people just preferred to stand on the bank and watch the fun whilst eating their ice cream like Julia.