Go Canoeing 2017

During September 2017 we held our annual Go canoeing event for new members which included 2 pool sessions and a day on reservoir.



 The first two weeks were spent in the swimming pool learning the basics of canoeing. The new members developed their skills at turning the boat, going sideways, going forwards and backwards. During the last pol session they also practiced their capsize drill.

   On the 30th September 2017 we all went down to Southwater lake to put the skills learnt in the pool into practice. In the morning everyone had a go at kayaking.

We then stopped for lunch and had a nice sandwich and a cup of tea from the cafe at Southwater lake. After lunch everyone open boating, both tandem and solo.

After the open boating a lot of people braved practising  their rescues skills of capsizing or falling out of a boat and swimming a shore.

We rounded the day off with tea and cakes in the cafe and everyone was awarded a British Canoeing Paddlestart award. Everyone said they had a great day and they have  all been on other club trips sense then.

Photos By Julia Barclay & article by Adrian Barclay