At Sea with the Seals

On the 2nd September 2019 Noel ran a sea trip from a new location. It was a bright sunny day as we headed down to Ramsgate in Kent, to hunt for a colony of seals on the Stour estuary .  We stopped close to Ramsgate  harbour and unloaded the Sea Kayaks. 

When we got onto the water we headed across Pegwell Bay to the Stour estuary.  We paddled up the Stour estuary on a rising tide which was going quite fast where we saw loads of seals.

We stopped  for lunch but the tide was still rising so we jumped back in our kayaks and headed back to Ramsgate. The tide had just turned for our return trip,  but  as it was slack water  it was quite hard work going down the estuary. 

The weather was wonderful all day and we had a great trip. Noel, Arun, Sam and Michael were all on this trip.

Photos by Michael and article by Adrian