British Canoeing

Purley Canoe Club is affiliated to British Canoeing (BC) via Canoe England

British Canoeing (BC) is the governing body for Paddlesport within the UK and our Club is affiliated Canoe England which is part of  BC.

The BC has developed a number of Paddlesport awards” for members to achieve in order to develop their paddling skills.

As an Affiliated British Canoeing (BC) Club we support:-


BC Personal Performance Awards

We provide a number of BC courses so our members can achieve various BC Personal Performance Awards (PPA). This also supports the BC’s campaign to promote “Long Term Paddler Development” and encourage members to develop their paddlesport skills.


BC Membership 

We encourage all Club members to Joining the BC as individual members  so they can become part of the “British Canoeing Family” and support the work of BC.  


BC Young Paddlers

We introduce people to paddling  by supporting the  BC’s Go Paddling campaign, which also encourages young people and their families to participate in paddlesport.


BC Coaches 

coachAll our Club Coaches are BC Qualified Coaches, which means the club is a BC PPA Provider and we can deliver all the BC Personal Performance Awards 


 BC Coach Update Scheme 

first AidAll our coaches are part of the BC Coach Update Scheme by keeping their BC qualifications up to date,  e.g. First Aid courses every 3 years, Coaching update courses every 3 years, and other personal BC paddlesport courses, in order to keep their skills up to date.


BC “Paddleability”


We support BC’s “Paddleability” campaign which promote’s and encourages disabled people to participate in paddlesport.





BC Go Paddling

We support “BC’s Go Paddling” campaign to encourage people to go paddling and we provide courses to achieve the BC Go Paddling Awards 

Read about our BC Assessment day in May 2018


insurance_agent_01BC Affiliation 

As a BC Affiliated club We are covered by BC Indemnity Insurance,  we can seek support from the BC’s when required; plus :- 

      • We are supported by the BC through our membership of BC’s London Region.
      • We can seek support from the different departments within BC, .e.g. the BC Safeguarding team, the Access campaign, Touring Awards, Competitions etc.
BC Club Policies and Resources

policy & prcedureWe adopt many of the BC Policies and Procedures which the BC have developed to ensure all paddlesport activities, within the Club are organised in an efficient, safe and equitable manner.  Therefore the structure and running of the Club is heavily influenced by BC.


BC Access & Environment 

We support BC’s “Access” campaign which aims to increase our access rights to rivers within the UK especially in England and Wales where access rights to rivers are often disputed.

We are able to purchase River licences so Club members have access to rivers on Club Trips.





We are supported by BC to maintain our “Clubmark” status.