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A Windy trip on the Wey Navigation

Date of PCC Event : 27/04/19

On the 27th April 2019 Sam ran a trip down the Wey Navigation from Burpham Lock to Guildford and return. It was supposed to be a flat water trip but it was more like being at sea with a strong head wind on the way there with a bit of rain. However it gave us an opportunity to try out our sails and we certainly got back very quickly.
Thanks to Sam for a great day out.

RIMG7437-1.JPG RIMG7434-0.JPG

PCC and the Easter Devizes to Westminster challenge

Date of PCC Event : Saturday 20th April 2019

PCC and DW Easter 2019

Devizes to Westminster – a 125 mile paddle through canals to the Thames with a very large number of portages. With 7 previous runs under her belt, Marion supervised the training of her co-paddler, Sam Boyd, and her old friend , Steve doing it for their first attempts.

Marion & Sam set off at 6.45 on Easter Saturday, enjoyed the rising sun, then the heat of the day, then the cool of the day as dusk closed in and the moon arose. Saturday night closed in. Still they paddled. No respite. Food absorbed mechanically during portages. The rhythm of paddle, paddle, portage, drink, relaunch the racing canoe, paddle, paddle, portage, drink, eat continued remorselessly. Now passing the 18 hours checkpoint. Gee, how far to still go. When will that damn sun come up again. Its 4.00am. Another 2 hours. I can’t go on. I must. Can I give up. What would the support team say? Everything hurts now. Why did I ever say I could do this. Oh, is that the dawn? It’s misty. It’s beautiful. Is this Teddington. Wow, maybe we can make it. Support team are cheering us on, though they haven’t slept either. The real Thames. Westminster. The crowds. The cheering. The medal.

Yes, we did it. All 3 did it, Marion Quemby, Sam Boyd and Steve Murphy and here they are with their medals.

Many thanks to the support team of Alan, Phil 1, Phil 2, Damien (D), Mike and Sam K, but mostly>>>>>>>>>>>>>



British Canoeing FSRT

Date of PCC Event : 02/09/18

Perfect weather even though cyclists meant we started a little bit late and different location 🙂
Fiona, Sam, Joel, Tracey & Reiss worked really hard in Rescue Techniques by Noels teaching 🙂
Well done on you hard work… enjoy the pics and videos.

At the end of the day Fiona commented :-

Beautiful day at Ardingly doing rescue training with Noel, Sam, Joel, Tracey and Reece. !!!!

(Photos & Videos by Phil Newson)

DSCN5075_5364-19.JPG DSCN5074_5363-18.JPG DSCN5070_5359-17.JPG DSCN5069_5358-16.JPG DSCN5067_5356-15.JPG DSCN5065_5354-14.JPG DSCN5061_5350-13.JPG DSCN5058_5347-12.JPG DSCN5052_5342-11.JPG DSCN5051_5341-10.JPG DSCN5050_5340-9.JPG DSCN5047_5337-8.JPG DSCN5044_5334-7.JPG DSCN5043_5333-6.JPG DSCN5039_5329-5.JPG DSCN5036_5326-4.JPG DSCN5033_5323-3.JPG DSCN5030_5320-2.JPG DSCN5026_5316-1.JPG DSCN5025_5315-0.JPG