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Go Canoeing 2019

We had 10 people on our Go Canoeing course in September 2019. This included two sessions in the pool followed by a full day at Southwater Lake. During that day everyone had a go at Canoeing and kayaking on a dry and warm Autumn day.

Some people had a go at standing in their canoe whilst others had a go at Sailing.

Everyone had a goo at kayaking either before or after lunch in the cafe.

At the end of the day everyone had the opportunity to have a go at some rescues or just watch from the bank.

  Everyone had lots of fun and at the end of the day everyone received a BC Start award. Well done to everyone.


PCC “Go Canoeing 2019”

Sorry this course is fully booked please visit our diary page for more events.

The Club is running its annual “Go Canoeing” event in September 2019 which is a three week course to encourage new members into the sport of Kayaking and canoeing, through our Club.

 It is a great way to learn to kayak & Canoe in three easy sessions. The course includes :-

  • Two pool sessions, on Saturday evenings, (7/9/19 & 21/9/19 ) at our usual pool venue in Purley.
  • The course will end with a full day on a local reservoir in West Sussex on Saturday 28/9/19.

The Cost of the course is £64.00 for adults and £59.00 for Juniors.

The event is open to all ages, except children under 8 years of age. Juniors under 18 years need to be accompanied by an adult.

Why not read the news posting from last years Go Canoeing event and the posting about our “2017 Go Canoeing” event to find out more about the course.

Please  Contact the Club for more details about the course and to book onto the event.


You can also visit the British Canoeing –“Go Canoeing” page for other national events  

Go Canoeing 2018

We had 6 new members join our annual Go Canoeing event in September 2018. As usual it started with 2 pool sessions followed by a sunny day at Southwater lake, puting their new skills into action.

   In the morning half of the group went tandem open boating with Julia & and Sam.

The other half of the group went kayaking with kevin.

After about 2hrs on the water we all stopped for lunch. After lunch everyone swapped around so  those who went kayaking in the morning went open boating in the afternoon and those who went open boating in the morning went kayaking in the afternoon.

At the end of the day everyone enjoyed getting wet as part of the rescues, even those who were a bit nervous, found that once they  had done it once they were keen to jump in and do a rescue again. 

  Finally the coaches demonstrated a professional  deep water rescue.

Everyone had a great day out on the water which was finished of with tea and cakes in the cafe.

Photos by Adrian & Julia, Article by Adrian 


Go Canoeing 2017

During September 2017 we held our annual Go canoeing event for new members which included 2 pool sessions and a day on reservoir.



 The first two weeks were spent in the swimming pool learning the basics of canoeing. The new members developed their skills at turning the boat, going sideways, going forwards and backwards. During the last pol session they also practiced their capsize drill.

   On the 30th September 2017 we all went down to Southwater lake to put the skills learnt in the pool into practice. In the morning everyone had a go at kayaking.

We then stopped for lunch and had a nice sandwich and a cup of tea from the cafe at Southwater lake. After lunch everyone open boating, both tandem and solo.

After the open boating a lot of people braved practising  their rescues skills of capsizing or falling out of a boat and swimming a shore.

We rounded the day off with tea and cakes in the cafe and everyone was awarded a British Canoeing Paddlestart award. Everyone said they had a great day and they have  all been on other club trips sense then.

Photos By Julia Barclay & article by Adrian Barclay

World Rivers Day 24th September 2017

On the 24th September 2017 the Club supported the world rivers day  held in Leatherhead from 12 midday to 4pm on the 24/9/17.
There was certainly a big interest in canoeing at the Purley Canoe Club stall at this event,  from those who were recalling how they were paddling many years ago to the large number of young families who wanted to give it a try. In fact at the end we were turning people away. In total 36 people were signed up and we cleared all the club leaflets  we had printed, some of those going to people who did not paddle. The feedback from the participants was that they enjoyed their paddle and that they would like to do it again.
If you are interested in having a go at canoeing why not come along to one of our pool sessions, or even our kids pool sessions which are designed for young people. Alternatively you could bring your whole family out in a canoe / open boat  on our next Club trip on the Wey Navigation which is suitable for families in open canoes. Please visit our Diary for more information about our events.
Please Contact the Club for more details on all our events.
Overall numbers were up on last year, probably about 4 times the numbers with more publicity undertaken prior to the day by the organisers. The weather certainly helped.
A big thank you for all for your efforts today.
Noel Humphrey Club President

PCC at Purley Festival 2017

On Saturday 1st July 2017 Purley Canoe Cub had a stall at the 2017 Purley Festival.

We  had a great day down at Purley Festival. We gave out lots of leaflets and hopefully it will encourage new members to join the club. 
We borrowed the ergo paddling machine from British Canoeing which went down well.
Can I say a big Thank You to Sam, Phil, Mike, Joel, Sam & Abi for all their help on the stall today.

Kevin Hardcastle, Club Chairperson

Go Canoeing 2016

On the 10th September 2016 we started our annual four week Go Canoeing Course with 3 pool sessions followed by a full day on the reservoir. Here is Sam Boyd’s video from the course.

The full day of paddlesport was spent at South water lake on the 1/10/16 where we all had a go at Kayaking and canoeing. Julia did some open boat coaching with Sam in the morning.

Mark, Abigail and  Rebecca on the Go Canoeing course all did kayaking in the rain in the morning.

Here is Adrian’s video of a very wet day

Then we all warmed up over lunch.

The sun came out in the afternoon and the Go Canoeing group went open boating whilst Sam  perfected her two star kayak skills with Adrian.

We finished the day by trying out various rescue techniques and getting very wet indeed.

Well done to Rebecca, Abigail and Mark who all achieved their “British Canoeing Paddlestart Award” by attending the whole course.

Here are some of the comments from some of the participants on the day

Yes it was a great day yesterday and even better to get the different types of weather, it didn’t spoil our interest! Kevin the coach

Also to say I thoroughly enjoyed last Saturday 1/10/16! Mark Humm

Thanks to Adrian, Julia, Sam Kenny and kevin who where our coaches for the day.

PCC 25 Anniversary weekend photos

20160610 PCC Anniversary weekend logo

Purley Canoe Club celebrates its 25th Anniversary during 2016.

To celebrate this great event the Club held a:-

PCC 25th Anniversary Camping Weekend from the 10th to the 12thJune 2016  on the River Medway in Kent.

About 24 current PCC members and 6 previous members joined PCC for our anniversary weekend at the Hop farm camp site in kent on the river Medway . During the weekend we organised two river trips. On Saturday we paddled up stream to Oak Weir Lock,

Here  is Sam’s video of the weekend including her experience of going down the canoe shoots on the Medway.

On Saturday’s trip everyone enjoyed going down the canoe shoots at East Lock and Oak Weir Lock.

On Saturday evening we had  a Barbecue followed by the Club’s AGM where our president Noel Humphrey was awarded a 25 long service award from British Canoeing for all his services to the sport including setting up Purley Canoe Club in 1991.

On Sunday we paddled down stream to Yalding and Teapot Island which involved paddling down the canoe shoot at Sluice weir. On Sunday we also held a Come and Try it” sessions, trying out various boats, .

This is what our club President and founder, Noel Humphrey said about the weekend:-

“I am sure you all agree that the 25th Anniversary weekend was a great success. This was probably the biggest event in terms of numbers that we have ever organised and would not happen without the contribution of many people.”

Photos by Phil Newson, Adrian Barclay, Gary Staples, Sarah Humphrey, Julia Barclay and Video by Samantha Boyd


PCC Annual Award Ceremony 2016

On the 27/1/16 the Club held its annual award ceremony at the January social evening.

PCC Awards Ceremony

Picture 1 of 2

Gary wins the Adult Touring Trophy & Zainab wins the Coaches Awards

Annual Touring Awards

Club certificates were presented to all members who had paddled more than 25 Miles (Bronze), 50 Miles (Silver) or 75 Miles (Gold) during 2015. In addition BCU Annual Touring Awards were presented to any club members who had paddled over 100miles (Bronze) during 2015. These included Lauren Staples, Sam Kenny, Adrian & Julia Barclay, Phil Newson & Phil Milman.

The Adult Touring  Trophy was presented to Gary Staples who paddled the most miles on Club trips over the year (158.50 miles). He said he had been trying for years to get this award and finally he did it!!!. The Junior Touring Trophy was presented to Harrison Mattin who paddled 24 miles with the club during 2015.

Alan Goodman was presented with a BCU Silver Annual Touring Award for paddling 442 miles during 2015. Marion Quemby was presented with a BCU Gold Annual Touring Award for paddling 1012.50 miles during 2015 and in addition she was awarded a BCU Bronze Strand Touring award for paddling over 1,000 miles.

Coaches Award

The Coaches award was presented to Zainab Kenny for all her hard work developing her kayaking skills over the last 12 months, in particular her development of her white water skills.

Inter Club Touring Award

The Club achieved 2nd place in the Inter Club Touring Award for achieving 3897.80 miles/ points during 2015, with 50 paddlers. Hampton Canoe Club came 1st with a total of 10871 miles/points with 24 paddlers.

Well Done Everyone for their achievements!!!!

A full break down of the miles paddled by each club member is  available by clicking here as is a comparison of previous years.  A list Previous Winners is also available.

You can keep up to date with you current mileage by visiting the Adults or Juniors touring page.


Purley Canoe Club Celebrates Clubmark!

Purley Canoe Club celebrated its achievement of the Clubmark Award on the 30th January 2013 with a party at the Purley Social Club.

The award reflects the safe and successful running of the Club which they have been working towards for the last few years and it is awarded by Canoe England. Councillor Donald Speakman and Lynn Barker, Canoe England Paddlesport Development Officer, were among the many guests.

The evening was opened with a speech by the Club Chairman, Gary Staples, who thanked members for their hard work in obtaining the award. Councillor Speakman presented the award certificate to the Club Chairman. Councillor Speakman said ‘Good health, exercise and paddling are to be recommended to all ages’ and that it was good to see people joining in the Club with a good mix of members. Lynn Barker from Canoe England said that the award is not easily obtained, only 160 Clubs nationally have achieved it, and such a small Club had worked hard to reach the standard.

Guests enjoyed slideshows of some of the Club’s many canoe trips. There was also the opportunity to try out your fitness on an ergonomic paddling machine and to view some of the Club’s kayaks and equipment. The evening was rounded off with a celebratory cake made especially for the evening.

The Club will now be working hard to maintain this accreditation. If you would like to try canoeing and see if it is the sport for you, then please contact the Club for more details about our activities or to book into one of our sessions which are advertised in our diary of events.