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Annual Dart Trip November 2018

Hi all,
We had another great weekend paddling the River Dart, running the Lower Lower section on Saturday, then the Lower section on Sunday from the Country Park down to Buckfastleigh. The weather was really good, no rain and a nice sunny day on the Sunday. We stayed at the Furzeleigh Mill Hotel who fed and watered us very well with a Full Dartmoor Breakfast both days!
Here are a few photos of the Boulder Garden, Buckfast Weir (that we didnt run).
Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a fun weekend.

These videos were taken on the Sunday when we paddled the Lower section on Sunday from the Country Park down to Buckfastleigh.

British Canoeing FSRT

Date of PCC Event : 02/09/18

Perfect weather even though cyclists meant we started a little bit late and different location 🙂
Fiona, Sam, Joel, Tracey & Reiss worked really hard in Rescue Techniques by Noels teaching 🙂
Well done on you hard work… enjoy the pics and videos.

At the end of the day Fiona commented :-

Beautiful day at Ardingly doing rescue training with Noel, Sam, Joel, Tracey and Reece. !!!!

(Photos & Videos by Phil Newson)

DSCN5075_5364-19.JPG DSCN5074_5363-18.JPG DSCN5070_5359-17.JPG DSCN5069_5358-16.JPG DSCN5067_5356-15.JPG DSCN5065_5354-14.JPG DSCN5061_5350-13.JPG DSCN5058_5347-12.JPG DSCN5052_5342-11.JPG DSCN5051_5341-10.JPG DSCN5050_5340-9.JPG DSCN5047_5337-8.JPG DSCN5044_5334-7.JPG DSCN5043_5333-6.JPG DSCN5039_5329-5.JPG DSCN5036_5326-4.JPG DSCN5033_5323-3.JPG DSCN5030_5320-2.JPG DSCN5026_5316-1.JPG DSCN5025_5315-0.JPG

Lots of fun at the pool session

On the 15/9/18 we had lots of fun at the pool trying out the new Sit on Top Kayak, a Orange and Red Islander Hula. 

We proved how the sit on top could be used as a single kayak, a double kayak and a kayak for three people providing they are quite small. 

We also found out how we could even use it as a stand up paddle board

Great fun was had by everyone, so please come along to try it out yourself.

Article by Adrian & photos by Kevin

Silly Hats Tour 2018

On Sunday the 14th May 2018, Purley Canoe Club joined other Canoe Clubs in the area to take part in the BC South Eastern Region Publicity Event known as “The 2018 River Medway Silly Hats Tour”.

The event was arranged in conjunction with Maidstone, Tonbridge and WAM Canoe Clubs.

PCC were represented by Robin, Sam K, Brian and Noel with his two young lads ,  Aaron and Joshua aged 7 and 6. Noel was nicely turned out in his yellow, chef-style hat, whilst Aaron sported a Flamingo and Joshua , a small golf green with flag and golf ball.

Brian, Sam and Robin met at the PCC store at 8.00 and trundled down to Tonbridge with one open and one kayak. Plenty of room in the car park, Robin sought out Tonbridge Canoe Club to register . He was greeted by Noel and Russell, the SE Region Development Officer who logged us in.

The crowd sported all sorts of craft, kayaks and opens, plus at least one K1 and one C1. All ages were represented too,  a very jovial crowd.

We started off in small groups from about 10.00am onwards. The weather started cloudy but later the sun popped out and the 5 or 6 canoe shoots were all negotiated fairly easily. There was a slight flow. The final drop before Yalding at Sluice Gate, proved a very damp experience in an Open.

Everyone disembarked at Yalding, changed and sorted kit then headed off to the Marlin Scout Site where a burger B-B-Q with tea , coffee and soft drinks were on offer for a nominal fee. There we watched the antics of the Kent Canoe Paddlers, demonstrating their skills as well as their boats.

Altogether an excellent day. In the end, there were around 30 paddlers – the occasion could have supported a good number more.

Article and photos by Robin

River Mole Trip – 25th March 2018

We had a good river trip on Sunday paddling down the Mole, which was postponed from last Sunday due to the snow! We had a bit of a delay getting to the get-in because of a large rugby event in Brockham and then had to do the shuttle to Leatherhead whilst Adrian started to cut away a few branches from the fallen trees to give us a route through!

We headed off down the river weaving our way through the trees towards the first feature. The river levels were very good, not too high and not too shallow! We arrived at the Watermill Weir and all dropped over it without any issues but it was a bit too shallow to play in.

The next feature we arrived at was Dorking Weir which was at a good level to run. We all got down safely without any capsizes and then everyone had a go at side surfing in the stopper at the bottom without any swims.

Moving on towards the Stepping Stones, we came across a fallen tree right across the river without any way through, except for over the tree. As time was moving on, we decided to portage there and have lunch. After a brief lunch we walked round the tree and were back on the water heading down towards the ‘Stones’. By this time it was mid afternoon, so looking at how far we still had to travel, we made the decision to get out at the ‘Stones’ and finish the trip there. This was a great idea except that we had all the cars in Leatherhead and 1 car back in Brockham and none where we were! A quick call to the local taxi firm soon fixed this and Sam was whisked back to Brockham to pick up his car to start ferrying the drivers to Leatherhead.

We didnt finish the trip as expected but we had a fun dry trip and got to experience the Mole, the first time for some paddlers. Thanks to everyone who came along!      

Article by kevin; Photos by Robin & Adrian

Wales weekend, Feb 23 -25 Feb 2018

Congratulations to Adrian for picking the one sunny weekend in February 2018. It was cold, but we paddled successfully before the Beast from the East arrived.

The first 4 of us assembled at the B&B during Friday evening,  Adrian , Julia and Robin in time for dinner in Brecon.  Lauren declined, opting for an early night. Later Marion & Alan arrived, just in time to talk Sam & Saeeda around the road works.

After Colin’s excellent breakfast, we set off to run Newbridge to Builth Wells, quickly observing the Wye was very low. This made the pleasant paddle rather technical by attempting to avoid submerged rocks.  The flow through Kathy’s Corner looked less vicious than usual, but offered  the challenge of a tighter line between the rocks on the first half. The kayaks succeeded with little trouble but the opens had a tougher time. All craft negotiated it successfully.

The low water had exposed a tree stuck at the second drop. After checking all alternatives, we reluctantly portaged round the drop to the corner pool and everyone completed the rest of the run successfully. We finished close on 5.00pm – bit late – but blamed the slow flow on the river. 7 miles in total. Levels 1.20 meters and falling on the Wye at Bwlth Wells.

After speedy showers, 7 of us returned to the Clarence in Brecon in Sam’s car for a delicious mixture of meals, served with true friendliness & style .

Sunday we opted for the 3 hour  run from Glasbury to Hay-on-Wye. Being downstream of Builth, it had more depth and flow but a severe head wind. Beautiful views in the sunshine, and a bit warmer.  We played on the weir just outside Hay-on Wye – 5 miles in total.

By 2.00 pm it was all over. Packed up and adjourned for tea in the café. 15.30hrs, said our goodbyes and many thanks again to Adrian for arranging another great weekend on the Wye.

Article Robin. Photos  & Videos by Robin & Adrian.

More excitement on the Medway

We always have fun on the Medway when we paddle from Hartlake Bridge down to Yalding, and our first trip down this section in 2018 was no exception. 

There were 13 people paddling on the 4/2/18 and we were lead by Robin. As usual the fun started at the first lock, – East Lock, when we went down the  first canoe Shoot.

Everyone made it down this first lock without any difficulties. The question was would everyone get down the next lock – Oak Weir – without a mishap!!!!

As you can see Sam B. demonstrated how to shoot the canoe shoot at Oak Weir with a smile, and Noels’ two lads loved their trip down their first shoot. Lets hope Noel didn’t get in trouble with Sarah when he got home! However you can only guess what happened to Joel next??? It was a good job there was a rescue party on hand!!!

As usual we had lunch at Sluice weir even if it was a bit cold. Thankfully some people came prepared with a bothy and we could not lose them as it was a bright yellow and purple colour!!

After lunch some of us shoot sluice weir and the rescue party was not needed, which was a blessing. We paddled onto Yalding were got out and sorted the kit out. As usual we ended the day in Tea Pot Island cafe for tea and cakes, which helped to warm certain people up. Everyone had enjoyed themselves even if it was a cold day and we had paddled a total of 6 miles. 

Photos by Adrian






Festive paddles 2017 / 2018

Purley Canoe Club even goes paddling during the Festive season regardless of the weather, with three trip during December 17 and January 18.

On the 16th December 2017 Marion and Alan  lead a  trip on the Wey Navigation. They started at Parvis Bridge  and paddled downstream to the  Thames. Along the way they stopped for lunch and 7 club members where on this trip. In total  Alan, Marion, Sam K., Tracy, Reiss, Phil M.  & D paddled a distance of 7.8 miles on this trip.


Every year the club has a “New Year Paddle” which is often organised by Adrian  & Julia, 2018 was no exception. They ran another trip on the Wey Navigation starting at Parvis Bridge but this time they paddled upstream to Walsham Gates where they had lunch. After lunch they paddled back passed the Anchor Inn at Pryford Lock , and Parvis Bridge until they reached New haw lock, where they turned around. Paddled back to Parvis Bridge where they got out.  Adrian, Julia, lauren, Sam B, Joel, Sam K. Tracey, Reiss Brian, Robin & Gary where on this trip and they paddled 7 miles each. 


On the 27th January 2018 5 club members paddled around the Tonbridge Loop lead by kevin. They paddled a total of 5 miles and then they went to the cafe at the end of the day for a cup of tea. Kevin, Brian, Tracey, Reiss & Robin went out on this trip.

Photos by Tracey Fuller and Adrian Barclay