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River Medway 6th September 2015

On the 6th September 2015 Robin organised a large Club trip on the river Medway from Hartlake Bridge to Yalding.  There were 17 people on the trip all paddling a variety of boats including kayaks and open boats. It was a really nice sunny day and we paddled down the three shoots even though some of us got wet. Even Kevin took his girls out in an open boat which was a surprise. Here are some photos of the trip.

Purley Canoe Club Paddle Away Event

In September 2010 the Club organised the Paddle Away Event. This was an opportunity for new members to try out canoeing for the first time over a period of four weeks. The event included 3 pool sessions (1 hour per session) with a full day at Ardingly Reservoir at the end of the event. During the course of the event the new members learned the basics of paddling a kayak or canoeing whilst having a great deal of fun at the same time. Four families participated in the event which involved Eleven people in total. The whole event culminated in a day out at Ardingly Reservoir and the weather was very kind to us because it was a bright and sunny day. At the end of the event everyone achieved a BCU (British Canoe Union) Paddlepower Start certificate for all their efforts. The Club’s BCU coaches provided the coaching that everyone needed throughout the event in order to achieve this award. All participants said that they had a great time and they would like to come again. At least four of the participants have joined the club and are actively involved in participating in club events.