Activity Fees & Hire Fees

Pool Sessions
Pool Sessions

Purley Canoe Club (PCC) hire fees, pool session  fees and trip fees for club events are outlined below:-

  Adults Juniors
Weekly Pool sessions £9.00 £9.00
Childrens Monthly Pool sessions £0.00 £5.00
Day trips* £8.00 £6.00
Boat hire £5.00 £3.00
Kit hire £3.00 £2.00




Non members pay an extra £2.00 (non members fee) for Pool sessions, Day trips and all other PCC Events.

Day Trips
  1. The Day Trip fee*  is the standard Club trip fee, but this fee may differ for specific courses or events and any fee changes for specific events will be advertised.
  2. Boat Hire  includes a boat and a paddle
  3. If you Hire an open boat and paddle it tandem, only 1 person  pays the “Boat Hire Fee” 
  4. Equipment Hire includes buoyancy aid,  paddle, spraydeck, cag,etc.
  5. Helmet’s are free.
  6. All participants are responsible for the Club Equipment they hire and they must sign it in and out, as well as reporting any damages to the activity leader.
Pool Sessions
  1. The Pool Session fee includes boat and equipment hire for pool sessions.
  2. The Weekly Pool Sessions are limited to 6 places and Childrens Pool Sessions are limited to 12 places 
  3. Children’s Monthly  Pool Sessions are for children aged 7 to 12 years
  4. All Children must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian 
  5. No adults are allowed to paddle at the Children’s Monthly  Pool Sessions

forms 3All Non Members must complete and sign a  PCC Activity Consent form before they attend any Club Events.

This form will be sent to you before you attend the activity so you can complete and sign the form prior to attending the activity. You will then need to present this signed consent form to the event organiser when you arrive at the event.

River Trips
River Trips